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WorkingtoSave is a website dedicated to the preservation of nature. It hopes to inspire people to go out and make a change, not only in their community, but throughout the world. It aims to incite meaningful discussions about the world’s problems, not only including environmental, but with poverty, racial issues, and war as well. Creating a thoughtful and critical community that is able to talk about tough issues is the main goal. Weekly posts about various problems, solutions, and people working towards those solutions are just a few of the things I hope to deliver.

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My name's Jacob Garland, and I'm a sixteen year old kid from Massachusetts looking to make a difference in my community through environmental education and advocacy. I started this blog not only as a means to share my thoughts on various environmental issues, but to educate children and adults like myself about topics not often discussed in the grand scheme of politics and general conversation. I love spending time outside, doing service (both for the environment and otherwise) and playing clarinet and violin. I created and write for this blog, as well as act as president for my school's environmental club, and am also currently the Outreach Manager for an organization called Greening Forward. My goal is to educate and inspire individuals to create tangible change through advocacy and community outreach, so I hope you'll join me!

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